The following is an example of how registration and renewal information is presented in Film Superlist: Motion Pictures in the U.S. Public Domain, 1950-1959 (by Walter E. Hurst, 7 Arts Press, 1989) and Motion Picture Copyrights and Renewals 1950-59 (by David Pierce, Milestone & Co., 1989).  The image below is a mock-up made by the editor, and although it resembles the listings in the above-named books, this image was not copied from either of those publications.   The black-color text was copied directly from a copy of Cumulative Copyright Catalog, Motion Pictures, 1950-59 (published by the U.S. Copyright Office), and the red text was added electronically.

Dates in red are renewal dates.  Serial numbers in red are renewal numbers.   “N.R.” indicates that no renewal was found in the renewal registrations.

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